Talks ongoing to restore Dublin Bus service


UCD representatives and the Students’ Union have entered in to talks with Dublin Bus in a bid to resolve the interruption to the Belfield bus service.
Dublin buses, particularly those coming from the N11, have been periodically not entering the campus or stopping at the N11 stops for the last two years. Currently the 46A and 145 services stop after 8pm only at the drivers’ discretion, and the number 10 bus does not enter the campus grounds.
Bus damageBusdrivers’ unions may ballot their members on whether they will reinstate the service to Belfield during the next weeks. Drivers have stated that the bad behaviour and drunken state of students using the service at night time have prompted them to withdraw services in fears for their safety.
SU President, Gary Redmond, has been involved in the talks with Dublin Bus, UCD and the Gardaí. He told The University Observer that the talks have resulted in reasonable success, saying that the SU “are working to implement a number of measures that we hope will allow Dublin Bus to resume the number 10 bus service on campus in the evenings […] progress has been made in this regard.”
Redmond urged students to think of their behaviour when on buses, so that the future of the UCD services might be more certain. He declared he would “ask for all students to stop and think about how their actions might affect others”, and added that the SU had launched a campaign encouraging students to behave in a more appropriate manner on public transport.
A spokesperson for UCD has confirmed the University’s involvement in the campaign, saying that “several measures including an awareness campaign are being employed to address the anti-social behaviour on Dublin Bus which led to the withdrawal of the service.”
Political Science Masters student, Anthony Costello, expressed his disappointment with the lack of services for students who choose to stay on campus late at night. As a Masters student currently working on a thesis proposal, Costello stated that “I often wouldn’t leave the library till half ten and even then, with my last bus at half eleven, I can’t get it because they refuse to stop – so I have to get a taxi home.” However, he understood the reasoning for Dublin Bus’s withdrawal, adding that drunken and disorderly students “should be refused” travel.