No date given for disability lift repair


DETAILS of when the disability lift in the Newstead Building, which houses civil engineering students, will be repaired are unknown by both university authorities and the Students’ Union (SU). The lift has been out of service since problems arose with the lift’s alarm service and has been out of order since Wednesday, 14th January.

Despite being unaware of the fault with the lift, SU President, Aodhán Ó Deá said that he intends to “get on that [problem] straight away”. The SU had not received any complaints about the disability lift, however both Mr Ó Deá and SU Welfare Officer, Conor Fingleton pledged to attempt to rectify the situation.

“If students do have problems, it is really important that they tell someone… so that we can work on getting them fixed,” said Mr Fingleton. “As you know, Newstead is out of the way, I could go for a month, two months even without even being up in the Newstead Building.”

Although the they promised to look into and correct the problem, neither Mr Ó Deá or Mr Fingleton were able to confirm when it would be fixed. When questioned about the repairs on the lift, a UCD spokesperson said that it is currently being fixed. The university were unable to give a date when the lift will be in working order as a part, which is required for the repairs, has been ordered but not yet received.

In addition to the problems encountered with the disability lift, an access committee are canvassing to secure more disable parking spaces across campus and have identified the Newstead Building as a priority area for these spaces.

The committee is enlisting the help of Buildings and Services to prepare a report which will outline the major changes that need to be made to improve disability access in Belfield. Mr Ó Deá explained that “the access committee are going to say where more [disabled spaces] are needed but it’s obvious that some are needed in Newstead, so some of the space there can be made into disabled spaces.”

Neither Mr Fingleton nor Mr Ó Deá could confirm when the committee will present their findings but Mr Ó Deá does not believe that there will be any more parking spaces created in the foreseeable future.