Musical Society formed for new academic year


The newly formed UCD Musical Society signed up 510 members during its first Freshers’ Week. The society, which ran a number of performances during Freshers’ Week, plans to work in conjunction with the UCD Community Musical, as well as putting on its own productions. Musical Society Auditor, Jason Masterson, is hopeful about the inaugural year of the society, reporting “we’ve had a lot of interest.”

Musical SocThe society’s debut production, The Wedding Singer, is planned to run in the Astra Hall late this semester. Auditions took place last week, with Masterson explaining that the society had “over a hundred people audition for our first show”. He admitted that “it’s going to be a really eighties year”, as the UCD Community Musical will be a production of Footloose, a choice he explained by expressing that the Community Musical and Musical Society had tried “to pick something that has more mass appeal”.

While Masterson admits that ticket sales for last year’s production Guys and Dolls did not meet those of the previous year’s West Side Story, he is confident that the more contemporary musicals will attract a wider audience this year. He is also hoping that staff will become more involved in the projects.

According to Masterson, the existence of a distinct Musical Society is necessary, as “Dramsoc produce so many shows that they have limited capacity to do musicals […] you’d have three or four different aspects that a play wouldn’t have.” Having worked on the Dramsoc production of Rent last year, Masterson gauged an interest in musicals and decided that a Musical Society was necessary. He and his committee decided to “do it as itself, to see if it has the interest, to see if it has the excitement and to put a structure on it.”

Despite being affiliated with it, the Musical Society will receive no funding from the UCD Community Musical. The society instead receive sponsorship from Student Travelcard, but will not receive a grant for their first year, as per usual Society Council rules.

Masterson says that he and his committee will be “working very closely with the steering committee” but that “they’ll still be in charge of the Community Musical”.

The Wedding Singer is scheduled to run in November, while Footloose will show in February in O’Reilly Hall.