Fashion – Grunge


Grunge does not exactly have the most pleasant connotations in the world. When coupled with the word ‘nineties’, it is easy to dismiss even the thought of dressing as though black is the only colour in existence and adopting a more than dodgy haircut. Yet this may just be the perfect antidote to the pretty pastels and whimsical florals that have been bombarding us since the fashion world uttered the words Spring/Summer 2012. Embracing this season’s darker side is the perfect balance to the clichéd, obvious and sometimes sickly-sweet shades that we are drowned in every time we walk into a high-street shop. At the high-end of things, a grungy aesthetic could be noted in a number of collections of Spring/Summer 2012. The iconic skull image of Alexander Mc Queen from seasons past is the perfect accompaniment to your outfit, and you will find it emblazoned on anything from scarves to t-shirts – just avoid wearing too much at once! The trick is subtlety – a few keys pieces mean that you can embrace this trend without looking like you are going to a Halloween party. A leather jacket, androgynous boots, metallic accessories – take your pick. Keep in mind the dishevelled hair and smoky eyes of the nineties grunge look, the best part being that there is almost zero effort required.

This look has been around for decades now, but it can be interpreted in so many different ways; its versatility is surprising. If you do not feel like going head first into it, you can simply add edge to your outfit with some bold, structured jewellery or a pair of biker boots. It also serves as a handy tool to balance out a girly outfit; spring florals and dainty skirts can be toned down with a leather jacket and a whack of kohl eyeliner. Take inspiration from off-duty models such as Daisy Lowe and Erin Wasson as well as everyday celebrities like Fearne Cotton and the Olsen twins, who rarely go out the door without a checked shirt, bed-head hair and a pair of Doc Martens. Grungy can also go glam for a night out – take some chunky heeled black boots, sheer materials in dark colours (such as the New Look skirt featured) and add some metallic highlights via your jewellery and make-up to prove that the grunge look does not have to be taken literally.

Guys can relive the glory of their Nirvana-loving days by following along the same lines as the girls – grunge is all about adopting a unisex wardrobe, the male and females versions of the same pieces. The leather jacket is still essential, just throw on a band t-shirt and perhaps a pair of Converse to tone down the look and bring it up to date.