Quotes of the Fortnight: October 21st, 2008


“It’s like a kick in the head, but it’s not over yet. Never say die!”
The Arts Society (Arts Soc) Auditor, Jonathan Cosgrove, describes the uncertainty of the annual UCD Fashion Show due to lack of a title sponsor.

“You just have to speak to the right people and surround yourself with… people who are going to push you in the direction you need to go.’
Irish athlete, Sonia O’Sullivan comments on the positive influences in her highly successful career.

“The decision was made to benefit students and I am happy that it does.”
Head of the Academic Staff Association (ASA), John Dunnion praises the proposal to release exam results earlier in the semester than has been done in previous years.

“I know there are some drugs and so on – but there’s always a small group who are heavily into it, and nobody seems to think this is anything they’ve got to do anything about. That seems most odd to me”.
London Metropolitan Police Commissioner, Sir Ian Blair emphases that cocaine is a prevalent problem
in universities, at the Literary and Historical Society (L&H) Cocaine debate.