A festive alternative

With Christmas and New Year’s Eve celebrations around the corner, there is that burning desire to stock up on that overpriced American Apparel LBD. This token addition that at least one other girl in nightclub is going to be wearing should be warning enough for you to see that it’s time to try another option.

This season has some exciting alternatives to offer. Wide-legged jumpsuits, unstructured silhouettes and avant-garde (body) jewellery will certainly ensure that you’re not caught wearing the same generic look during that tense midnight countdown.

The 70s-inspired flared jumpsuit is certainly taking runways by storm this season, as seen on DVF catwalks as well as front lining Topshop Boutique shows. The jumpsuit offers the convenience of being a one-piece, ready-made outfit in itself, whilst being really easy to wear.

Unless you’ve been living the life of a hermit crab these past few years, then you’ll undoubtedly know that the Christmas party season isn’t fulfilled unless that one sequined piece of clothing makes an appearance out of your wardrobe, even if it is solely in the name of festivity.

Fear not, sequins don’t always look tacky and distasteful. For all you vintage-hoarders out there, you’ll already know that Shutterbug vintage offer a beautifully eclectic array of unique one-off pieces, such as this art-deco inspired sequinned piece featured in the shoot.

By taking centre stage of any outfit through its bespoke and aesthetic design along with magnificent colours, any sequinned beauty like this can easily be paired with a simple neutral-coloured pair of tailored shorts, fitted trouser or a simple midi skirt, as shown here from ASOS.

The sheer paneling of the skirt offers a lustful edge to an otherwise modest outfit, making it perfect for Christmas work parties this season. The fitted nature of this skirt contrasted with the loose and unstructured fit of the sequinned top encompasses a sublimely unconventional look that is suited to those looking for a slightly more subversive get-up this party season.

Surely, an outfit isn’t complete without some subtle (or maybe outlandish) accessorising, right? Maybe you only want the bare necessity of a clutch bag during a festive night out, or maybe it’s something more eye-catching; like this gold River Island body harness to hone all the attention.

Either way, neither option means you have to break the bank. This feathered clutch bag from Penneys will set you back less than a Long Island Ice Tea and this body harness will surely fulfill its cost-per-wear ideals as it is an endlessly versatile accessory.

This piece can easily be layered over bodycon dresses, slinky playsuits, cropped jumpers and even over fitted blazers for something a little more unexpected.

Sequins and shiny gold body jewellery are the essential additions for this festive period. Don’t be afraid to try something alternative and ditch the safe look to ensure you’re looking more vogue than vixen this festive Christmas season.

Sinead (Blonde)
Skirt – River Island – €33.00
Top – Penneys – €5.00
Harness – River Island – €45.00
Clutch – Penneys – €9.00
Wedges – River Island – €75.00

Christine (Brunette)
Beaded bag – Penneys – €15.00
Heels – Penneys – €22.00
Midi skirt – Asos – €33.00
Top – Shutterbug – €39.00
Bracelet – Penneys – €6.00
Vintage belt – Shotsy – €30.00

Bag – River Island – €25.00
Wedges – River Island – €75.00
Earrings-River Island – €13.00
Jumpsuit – Dublin Vintage Factory – €22.00
Necklace – Dublin Vintage Factory –  €25.00
Belt  – Shotsy – €40.00 




Top – River Island – €60.00
Trousers – River Island – €45.00
Heels – River Island –  €45.00
Gold earrings – Aldo – €9.00
Feather bag – Penneys – €9.00







Models: Sinead Quigley & Christine Mangan
Photographer: James Healy
Make-up Artist: Alex Valentine & Ciara Hyland “Make Up by Ciara”
Chief Stylist: Christin McWeeney
Fashion Editor: Emily Mullen
Words:  Sarah O’Shea


#Winning or #Binning


Christmas Jumpers
Worn strictly in the ironic sense of course. The jumper must be vintage, circa 1990s sardonic Santa phase, worn whilst pushing a retro bike, en route to a vinyl flea market, accompanied by at least six Instagram uploads using the 1977 filter, for that old timey vibe. #soindividualithurts

The best new accessory yet and revolutionary in design and functionality. Try using one, those sniffly snot mounds under your nose and the charming rhythmic snuffling that follows the snot are trés #binning #yeahimtalkingtoyou

Black tights
These are God’s brand new disciple on earth. Bang on underneath any summer dress or skirt and bish, bash, bosh; you’re #winning. N.B. Don’t you dare go near shorts with these bad boys, don’t mess with the system. #choochootiktikshorttrain

The Heating
So warm in fact it allows us to wear summer clothes inside and then winter clothes outside. Fascinating. It makes for interesting viewing as people exit the building, observe the t-shirt being adorned with a sheepskin coat, hat, scarf and waterproof trousers. #whoneedsasociallifewhenyouhavesomebinoculars



Cowl necks
Boys, why? Why would you even put that thing over your head, and let that flappy bit of material just lie there? Whoever informed you that this was fashionable should rightfully be hung, drawn and quartered publicly. #kantevenstart

Last year’s cardigans
The wool bobbles from over-wearing and a whole year in the cupboard without mothballs are frankly offensive. #franklymisterShanklybuyyourselfanewjumper



Slovenly dress code
Ssrly, it’s bad and there is no sign of improvement ether. Plz for the sake of The Aesthetic stop dressing so shit. Although it’s cold and the assignments are eating away at your soul like a nasty strain of venereal disease, stop putting your hair in greasy, greasy, #greeeezy buns and wearing skaghag trackies, there is literally no excuse for this reckless behaviour. #sortyizlivesouvih #getoutohthelibraryandintoTopshop4Christsakes

Selfies in any form should not be tolerated. Unless you don’t have a mirror and have a fear that your make-up is taking a trip in the southerly direction, or you’ve just eaten a protein shake and you worry some of the chemicals are stuck in your teeth, then don’t. #keeptheducksinthelakeplz

#Winning or #Binning



Degree Programme Jumpers

Naffness? Check. Terrible pun? Check. Eye-watering colour? Check. Warmness? Triple check. It’s not summer anymore peeps. Time to replace fashionable semi-nudity with warmth and cosiness #butthejokeisolderthanthatprofessor


Walter White and Jesse Pinkman have started a trend. Get yourself kitted out with a full length, baggy ensemble before they head out of fashion #dontforgetthegasmask


Halloween decorations

Gals how have you not spotted this yet? Dangly neon skeleton earrings are ALL the rage right now. Don’t get left behind and end up in D|two’s on All Hallow’s Eve wearing studs #scarlehforyergrannyforhavinyerma


Break out your inner pornstar with those thigh highs you found in the bargain bin in Guineys #thosearewellieshon #agriculturalbasedeconomiesmehole


So comfy. So stylish. Look at those elegantly designed curves and overlarge soles. No wardrobe is complete without them #getwiththeprogramme





Eos lip balm

Evolution of smooth? If you need an egg that Miley Cyrus abused with her face to feel like your lips are smooth, you need help. And a list of the stuffs ingredients #fullytraceablemearse

Off the shoulder jumpers

The bed sheet was the attire of Ancient Rome. Stop trying to resurrect dead trends. They’re dead for a reason. #Romosexual


There once was a time when a fisherman draped his nets over his shoulder after a hard day’s work, and a young indie kid spotted him from afar and decided he was hip. So now it’s “cool” to wear nets. Are you going fishing? No? Then change #nobodywantstoseeyournips


It is impossible to see the lecture slides with your enormous hairdo. Buns exist to be eaten, nothing more #onegirlhadapineapple #justwashyourdamnhair


Blocky Eyebrows

What part of this is good? Looking like you had a fight with permanent marker makes you come across like a junkie from South William Street on a Tuesday night #lostfromsocietyorwha

#Winning or #Binning

Tartan dreams

Fashionistas have been crying from the rooftops about tartan this season. Find Paddington Bear and steal his scarf, breathe new life into those tartan shoelaces circa your emo phase or spend your pay-cheque in American Apparel. Do whatever it takes, coz tartan is happening, so deal with it.



Praise Jebus, for cardigans, coatigans and long tees. Top-notch work.


Winter is coming, get the cows in already, and get that jumper on.

Lady-like lengths

Keep it classy Hons, over the knee silhouettes keep them guessing on whether you’re wearing spanks or not #cheeky


Attempting to look like fourth Haim sister, is a full time job. Attempted by many, accomplished by none.






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