Op-ed: Senator Feargal Quinn – “Open Seanad Éireann, Don’t Close it”

The Government has recently signalled that it intends to hold a Referendum on abolishing Seanad Éireann in September. This will be a hugely important decision for the future of democracy. It is important that people now begin to acquaint themselves with the facts of what the closure of the Seanad would actually mean because, if this shocking eventuality comes to pass, it is highly unlikely that the people will ever again be given the opportunity to reverse that decision. Continue reading

Op-Ed: Feminism is for everybody – Bridget Fitzsimons

Feminism is the real F-word these days. Despite an rise in journalism about gender equality, feminism and television, film and other culture pertaining to these issues, to personally identify as a feminist still seems problematic and difficult for many women as well as men. There are many myths surrounding the idea of feminism and what it really means, but when we open our eyes to the true meaning of feminism and what it means to both men and women, we can begin to work toward a more equal and productive society that benefits everyone. Continue reading